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Noun1.Taxales - coextensive with the family Taxaceae: yews
plant order - the order of plants
class Coniferopsida, Coniferophyta, Coniferophytina, Coniferopsida, subdivision Coniferophytina - cone-bearing gymnosperms dating from the Carboniferous period; most are substantial trees; includes the classes Pinopsida (subdivision Pinophytina) and Ginkgopsida (subdivision Ginkgophytina) and Taxopsida (subdivision Taxophytina) which in turn include the surviving orders Coniferales and Taxales (yews) and sometimes Ginkgoales as well as extinct orders such as Cordaitales (of the Carboniferous and Permian)
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Les quotes-parts taxales de l'Etat dont bafouees par des intermediaires, en connivence avec les multiples intervenants aussi bien etatiques que professionnels.
El genero Taxus pertenece a la clase Pinopsida, orden Taxales y a la familia Taxaceae (Malik et al., 2011).
The only modification of the model is the disregard of Florin's creation of a separate order (Taxales), now seen to be nested among other conifer families as the family Taxaceae (Fig.