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or zi·zith  (tsē-tsēt′, tsĭt′sĭs)
pl.n. Judaism
1. The knotted tassels of thread, symbolizing the 613 commandments in the Hebrew Scriptures, attached to the corners of a tallit or other garment.
2. An undergarment bearing these tassels, worn by men or boys. Used with a singular verb.

[Hebrew ṣîṣīt, tassel, fringe; see ṣy in Semitic roots.]


(ˈtsɪtsɪt; Hebrew tsitˈsiːt)
pl n
(Judaism) the fringes or tassels on the corners of the tallit
[from Hebrew, literally: tassel]
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(83) In his autobiographic book Tchelet Ve-Avak (Pale Blue and Dust), Dan Horwitz, member of Revadim Kibbutz, who was a prisoner of war in Jordan during the War of Independence, mentions the sense of irrelevance that he felt upon his return from his imprisonment in 1949.
BOOKS 21, 22 (2009) ]hereinafter Margalit & WalKer, Israel] (declining to join the debate about whether the IDF actually follows Kasher and Yadlin's guidelines); see also Daniel Statman, Morality in War and 'Cast Lead,' 38 TCHELET 3, 5-7 (2010) (Isr.).
"The Holy Land," Drama; director, Eitan Gorlin; cast, Oren Rehany, Tchelet Semel, Saul Stein.
There he meets round-faced, frizzy-haired Sasha (Tchelet Semel) and gets from her the two-second-long "massage" that sets off the rest of the plot.
"It is one of the most valued coloring materials of the ancient world," he explained, "often mentioned in the Bible together with the [more familiar] blue (tchelet) and purple (argaman).