Tea board

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a board or tray for holding a tea set.

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The opportunity to export tea under this agreement will only be offered to the Tea Board recommended and registered tea exporters who performed well over the past 3 years.
Tea Board of India (TBI) must fix a base price to solve the problem," Ghost said.
The Sri Lanka Tea Board as the apex government body, oversees the development and regulation of the tea industry in Sri Lanka and promotes Sri Lanka Tea (Ceylon Tea) globally.
Sri Lankan side will be organizing a seminar in February 2019 to be attended by the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka and senior officials of Sri Lankan Tea Board to inform exporters for the optimum utilization of Free Trade Agreement between Sri Lanka and Pakistan.
India's tea production fell 6.7 percent in July from a year ago to 151.38 million kgs as plucking fell in the top two producing states due to lower rainfall, the state-run Tea Board said on Tuesday.
The Sri Lanka Tea Board made the announcement, and said a total of $250 million that the country's Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) owed Iran could offset payment for a year of tea export to the country.
He was Chairman of Bangladesh Tea Board prior to joining the post.
'According to the news item, the detection had been made by the officials of the Sri Lanka Tea Board coming under the purview of the Minister.'
For instance, according to Tea Board of India, production of green tea in India was 1.19 billion kg in 2014--2015 which increased by 3% to 1.23 billion kg in 2015--2016.
The Tea Board in India introduced an e-auction module in June 2016 across six of the country's auction centres.
By GEOFFREY IRUNGUTea producers want the Agriculture ministry to reconstitute the Tea Board of Kenya and appoint directors of boards of various parastatals in its docket.Kenya Tea Growers Association (KTGA) chief executive Apollo Kiarii said the boards will give direction to the sector and subsectors, noting that failure to do so could put in jeopardy developments so far made in the tea sector including research on diseases.