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tea′ shop`

a tearoom.
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I am sorry dear if I discussed political issues here the managers of the tea house may file a complaint against me," he said in lighter mood.
The Olde Young Tea House and The Bearhug Company HQ, both on Grange Road in Middlesbrough town centre, are urging anyone with information to come forward after being targeted by burglars.
A SPECIALIST tea house has opened its doors to shoppers and students in Huddersfield - with the creation of eight jobs.
Pugh's Garden Village in Radyr acquired the disused building next door and has turned it into a coffee and tea house.
Booba tea house, located in the Dubai Mall, reported a significant upsurge in sales following the recent opening of the AED 120 million metro link to the mall, which is expected to carry up to 30,000 people a day.
A 21st-CENTURY pier for New Brighton - inspired by a tea house and a chip shop - has won the top award in a student contest to design a water feature for the Merseyside resort.
Masahiro Takada, who owns the Chanoka Tea House in Kyoto, Japan, visited Jesmond Dene House with his contemporary take on the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.
Crazy Rumors recently introduced a line of vitamin-rich, natural lip treatments inspired by coffee and tea house drinks.
He visited his sister and her daughters in Stow, then came into Clinton for lunch at the Colonial Tea House, 180 Church St.
Inspired by the scale and order of the traditional Japanese tea house and the technological sleekness of the aviation and automotive industries, the prototypical dwelling is inventively compacted in a 2.
Secret Garden Inn & Spa--Exclusive spa, luxurious inn, and international wine and piano bar housed in an intimate setting of an Asian style mountain home with Japanese gardens, tea house, waterfall and more.
Among the unsold items were two oak arm chairs from a Victorian Glasgow tea house.