tea shop

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tea′ shop`

a tearoom.
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Then in 2006 we got Lottery funding for the reminiscing meetings on Tuesday mornings in Castleton Tea Shop.
In the plug for Earl Grey, Stephen Fry is seen behind the counter of a tea shop as the black male, named Tyrone, writes a message on a blackboard informing customers that the drink "puts the zing in your ding-a-ling".
THE Tea Shop looks just as cosy as it sounds, which is not altogether surprising.
Chart star Moby is to open a tea shop in New York amid a surge in popularity for the drink across the city, it emerged yesterday.
A slight variation on its main cocktail, the Long Island Iced Tea, Aberdeen's Long Island Iced Tea Shop has created this gem.
MANILA -- The family of the milk tea shop owner who died in Manila after drinking a beverage he himself prepared last week is hurting amid reports dragging his son into the alleged food poisoning incident, according to their lawyer.
It recently opened a Teavana tea shop in New York City that looks more like a cafe and serves a variety of small dishes.
Claire will join TV presenter and O-Very patron Cherry Healey, Leaf tea shop owner Natalie Haywood and the charity's chief executive Anne Jackson to judge a selection of the best treats in the region.
Leaf Tea Shop & Bar on Parliament Street is both groups' cup of tea.
We had a tea shop outside No 64 shop where a lot of people went for tea and sandwiches at break time.
Women who run the tea shop have been giving their profits to Huddersfield Lions Club for the last five years.