Tea taster

one who tests or ascertains the quality of tea by tasting.

See also: Tea

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No kidding: this master tea taster at Tetley has a tongue so refined, his employer had to get it insured for more than Dh5million (1 million) to protect his taste buds.
GREGG Wallace was more than a little taken aback by what he saw - and heard - while shadowing tea taster Alan Hargreaves at The Typhoo Tea Factory in Moreton (Inside The Factory, BBC2, Tuesday).
There are also factory workers with amazing job titles, like Blending Manager and the best of all, Tea Taster.
And there are factory workers with fascinating job titles such as Blending Manager and, best of all, Tea Taster.
While her father- in- law had worked in tea estates, her husband had been trained as a tea taster since the age of 16.
she wanted to return me to my first love--I started my career as a tea taster.
Well known as a gentleman within the tea community, Bill was a tea taster for Salada, Tetley and most recently for Southern Tea, where he worked until 2013, retiring at the age of 70.
Its fragrance and gentle aromas generate a sense of well-being and fellowship across the world and around the clock," says Thomas Holz, the famous tea taster from TeaGschwendner.
For instance it takes seven years to become a tea taster, following which time they might be expected to taste up to 300 cups of various blends in a day, remembering to "taste and spit out every time".
Twining, 48, who sports distinct bright ties, has worked in many jobs at Twinings from manager of the famed shop in London s Strand -- the first tea room opened by his ancestor Thomas Twining -- to being a tea taster himself.