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Noun1.teaching method - the principles and methods of instruction
method - a way of doing something, especially a systematic way; implies an orderly logical arrangement (usually in steps)
maieutic method, Socratic method - a method of teaching by question and answer; used by Socrates to elicit truths from his students
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The project, which will cost over Rs 4 billion, will focus on online teaching methods along with traditional methods to improve learning capabilities of students.
The result is a solid collection of teaching methods that will appeal to K-8 instructors.
The teaching methods and curricula in the Kingdom, and for that matter in most of the Muslim world, are not in line with today's requirements.
However the common orientation of modern education and teaching practice is to promote students all-round and harmonious development, improve the students' comprehensive quality, and achieve the teaching goal, the nation each big institutions of higher learning must be continuous innovation, accumulate experience, summed up a set of applicable in nowadays teaching methods to meet the demand the stages of contemporary college students, of course, also give us badminton teaching brought new opportunities and challenges (Zhang, 2012; Dai, 2012).
Crop maximization project should be extended to other districts of Sindh province and knowledge of the farmers should be enhanced through extension teaching methods for crop productivity enhancement and better livelihood for the farming community.
The results revealed that talented students were highly satisfied with the administration and teachers, whereas they were only moderately satisfied with enrichment activities, teaching methods, student relationships and facilities and equipment.
Contract notice: European tendering teaching methods and school supplies.
The secondary school science teachers did not get command over teaching methods during in-service training, and A.
Baghdad / NINA /-- Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Hussain al-Shahristani discussed with the British ambassador in Baghdad, Frank Baker, means to activate memorandums of understanding and developing of scientific and academic cooperation, modernization of teaching methods .
To learn more about the changing facets of education today, Gulf News spoke to educators and school principals to find out what teaching methods are going past their shelf life and which are increasingly becoming the way forward in schools.
The conference will provide a platform for discussion on topics affecting the teaching environment from teaching methods for lifetime learning to developing the balance between understanding and qualifications preparations in teaching.
Team-Based Learning: A Transformative Use of Small Groups in College Teaching covers teaching strategies that transform classrooms, and introduces team-based teaching methods usually applicable to lower grades into the college environment.

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