Teal duck

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the common European teal.

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A teal duck at Saltburn Vally Gardens by Ray Simpson of |Marske
By contrast, during 2010-2011, many cases occurred in various wild birds such as the Eurasian eagle owl, mandarin duck, Baikal teal duck, mallard duck, whooper swan, spot-billed duck, sparrow hawk, common kestrel, and white-fronted goose, as well as in poultry.
Two species of wintering migratory birds, i.e., mallard ducks (Anas platyrhynchos) and Baikal teal ducks (Anas formosa), and 1 commercially available domestic bird (2-week-old Pekin ducks) were used in this study.
The clays we were using were simulating the birds on site at Ragley Hall - a clay pigeon darting up into the air before falling downward again and a teal duck flying low over the grass.
I'd had visions of becoming an international shooting star and was wondering whether I was too late to sign up for Rio 2016 when my scattergun approach to the teal duck with a Winchester 101 brought me back down to earth.
Asian Adventure will be home to a pack of endangered Asian wild dogs, also known as dholes, and a series of birds including white naped cranes, great white pelicans, red crested pochard, mandarin and marbled teal ducks.
Clinical observations and diagnostic procedures carried out to elucidate the cause of high mortality in 2-8-week-old ornamental ducks (mandarin, wood, falcated, and silver teal ducks) are described.
Three one-year-old Baikal teal ducks transferred from London Zoo and a second female is being sought to join the two males and female.
Davey paddled around the area, located three teal ducks, one out-of-season woodcock and the heron all within fifteen yards of their position.
Balls of green-winged teal ducked and dove, landing for a bit and then flying again.
No sooner do we learn about the unpredictable habits of tiny teal ducks than Hugh shoots one out of the sky.
Brown boobies, kingfishers, spotted sandpipers, blue-winged teal ducks, banana quits, iridescent hummingbirds, indigo buntings, pink flamingos toucans, blue and green and purple herons, tropical mockingbirds, royal terns, snowy egrets, and palm warblers are just a few of the teeming birds.