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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: sport - a sport that involves competition between teams of playersteam sport - a sport that involves competition between teams of players; "baseball is a team sport by golf is not"
athletics, sport - an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
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Do Jong-hwan, minister of culture, sports and tourism, revealed his limited understanding of team sports during a meeting with lawmakers in the National Assembly on Monday.
Summary: Team Sports UAE is holding CSR initiative Wellman Road Run to keep labourers active
Nigel Owens ridicules calls for tackling to be banned in schools JUST get rid of all these team sports as part of the curriculum and make the team sports after-school activities.
Enforcement of a law aimed at fighting match-fixing should be restricted to team sports, where Cyprus experienced the biggest problem, Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou told MPs on Wednesday, warning that extending it to other sports would defeat its purpose.
A division of Varsity Brands, BSN Sports markets and distributes its products to over 100,000 institutional and team sports customers in colleges and universities, middle and high schools, and recreational programs throughout the United States via catalog, e-commerce, and direct sales.
Affinity Sports will provide key services to various youth sports National Governing Bodies and large-scale organizations under the Dick's Team Sports HQ platform.
Teens who are sexual minorities are less likely to be physically active or participate in team sports than their heterosexual peers, finds a recent study.
Polar said it has presented its most advanced team sports coaching solution to date: Polar Team Pro, designed for the demanding needs of fitness, strength and conditioning coaches working in top-tier team sports.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-May 12, 2015-Polar Team Pro revolutionizes coaching of elite team sports
Running performance in team sports has been shown to influence overall team success (Gabbett et al.
British Swimming called it "a very dark day for British sport" while basketball called for a change in the funding system to treat team sports differently.