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 (tēz′dāl′), Sara Trevor 1884-1933.
American poet whose classically styled lyrics appeared in Love Songs (1917) and other collections.



Sara, 1884–1933, U.S. poet.
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Noun1.Teasdale - United States poet (1884-1933)Teasdale - United States poet (1884-1933)  
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Public Service Award (individual): Ken Teasdale, Audit Partner, Armanino
A pilot project costing PS11,000 began in May to gain control of the gull population, with Rob Teasdale's contractors taking to rooftops around Kingsmills, Lesmurdie and New elgin.
BIRD BATTLE: Rob Teasdale of Specialist Vermin Control with Emma Dale, pest control officer.
Chrissy Rouse, Charlie Farrer, Barry Teasdale, Dominic Herbertson and Jake Hopper have all had their first runouts over the last seven days.
Stockton Council had accused-Gavin Fred Teasdale of moving "controlled waste" from a town building site without a permit last year.
Then, in December 2015, Teasdale acquired Casa Fiesta, a provider of authentic Mexican foods in the beans, peppers, sauces, corn products and seasonings categories.
ONE of the best-known figures in the maritime sector - Jim Teasdale - has retired from his role as chief executive of Mersey Maritime.
The Teasdale family of the Wimmera District in northern Victoria, whose archive of films I will be using as exemplary material throughout this essayistic rendition of the lecture.
''I think what we've got going on here in America is the perfect storm of not good things,'' said Joe Teasdale, 59, who lives in southwest Wisconsin and works as an assistant engineer at a casino.
Despite hanging out over the weekend with band mates and stylist Lou Teasdale, that hasn't stopped Simon Cowell's ex-girlfriend, Sinitta from claiming Harry had hit on her once.
Jovita Foster, a partner in Armstrong Teasdale's litigation practice group, has been named general counsel to the Urban League of Metropolitan St.
Joining the Cleckheaton-based firm are service technicians Nicolae Pirlea and Trevor Smith, commercial co-ordinator Victoria Bray, telesales executive Zac Teasdale and receptionist Angela Pearson.