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n.1.The stoker or fireman of a furnace, as in glass works.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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While Jones and his mask were walking together about the room, to rid themselves of the teazer, he observed his lady speak to several masks, with the same freedom of acquaintance as if they had been barefaced.
Id wanted to get to know her anyway, but it wasn't until I moved down here from Kent--South East England--that a friend of mine asked me if I'd be interesting in being a 'Teazer' for Penglaz, because of my history in Morris Dancing in Kent.
I start with a 'Teazer' - Baked Potato & Cheese (Dh19) and a Salad - Caesar Deluxe (Dh33).
The fallow deer were released at the top of the course, and pursued by a terrier or "teazer".
You might have been disappointed by other sparkling tea-based beverages that have tried to steal you away from the soda that you grew up with but TeaZer (get it?
At tranquil Teazer World Tea Market, painted in butternut and spring green, relax next to a bubbling fountain and sip one of dozens of loose teas.
Tickets are priced at BD2 and resident band Wallfreak and resident DJ Teazer will also perform on both nights.
February 16, 1962 A Gainsborough painting was taken from Huddersfield Art Gallery and in its place was left a copy of Teazer, Huddersfield Technical College's rag magazine
Porter created scandals by appearing naked in soft-core shoots for FHM, GQ, and Loaded at the same time as Halliwell's photos appeared in Teazer and Playboy.
Elizabeth, a shy young woman from Dundee's Lochee district, had disappeared more than two weeks earlier after a night out with friends at Teazer's nightclub in the city.
She told the trial she expected to find Elizabeth waiting for her at the door of Teazer's Night Club in Union Street after collecting her coat - but she was not there.
Two bands, Teazer, and Social Disease, will be perfoming on the night and there will be a raffle and a rock diso.