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A trademark for a method of making color motion pictures in which films sensitive to different primary colors are exposed simultaneously and are later superimposed to produce the full-color print.


(Film) trademark the process of producing colour film by means of superimposing synchronized films of the same scene, each of which has a different colour filter, to obtain the desired mix of colour


(ˈtɛk nɪˌkʌl ər)
1. Trademark. a system of making color motion pictures by means of superimposing the three primary colors to produce a final colored print.
2. (often l.c.) flamboyant or lurid, as in color, meaning, or detail.


Three films, each sensitive to different colors, run simultaneously in a special camera. Superseded by Eastmancolor, which uses a single film run in a standard camera.
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Noun1.technicolor - a trademarked method of making color motion pictures
method - a way of doing something, especially a systematic way; implies an orderly logical arrangement (usually in steps)


® [ˈteknɪˌkʌləʳ]
A. Ntecnicolor ® m
in Technicoloren tecnicolor
B. ADJen tecnicolor, de tecnicolor


nTechnicolor® nt


® [ˈtɛknɪˌkʌləʳ]
1. nTechnicolor ® m
2. adj (fam) → in technicolor
a Technicolor sunset → un tramonto in technicolor
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Much of Decoufle's effect is due also to the circus- and Bauhaus-influenced costumes (by Philippe Guillotel), accessories (technicolor furniture, seriously kitsch plastic flowers), and the superb lighting (by Eric Wurtz and Patrice Besombes) that transforms the dancers into geometric shapes and evanescent apparitions.
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