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Depp has changed over the years - he couldn't stay looking like the teddyboy he played in Cry Baby forever.
In it Wilson Wilson (so nerdy they named him twice) is strapped to a chair while two Tarantinoesque thugs - one a sharp suited, bequiffed Teddyboy, the other a slobbish psycho with a penchant for sun-dried raisins - torture him for information about the comic and the whereabouts of a mysterious woman called Jessica Hyde.
Before I wrote the book all I knew really were the things everyone else knew, his teddyboy years singing in clubs, getting together with Gordon Mills and then hitting it big in Vegas and so on.
In our time, Joker Arroyo, Teddyboy Locsin and I took bullets for President Cory Aquino.
There he was with his hair all greased back in a big Teddyboy quiff and really pallid features which, I suppose, was due to all the drugs he was taking at the time, but I just remember thinking: 'This bugger's weird'.
Corrie's other blunder was letting Karen McDonald appear with her hair slicked back like a 50s Teddyboy.