n.1.A tinsmith's stake, or small anvil.
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We also have to look at how we link beyond the West Midlands - the east-west routes for Midlands Connect and even getting businesses to the major ports - Avonmouth, Felixstowe, Liverpool and even TeesT ide.
The sale covers several UK-based assets including the Scunthorpe steelworks, two mills in TeesT side, an engineering workshop in Work-kington, a design consultancy in YorkY , and associated distribution facilities, as well as a mill in northern France.
HOME Office officials were on TeesT side yesterday to begin an "audit" into the controversial "red door" issue.
The company's 17 residential care homes are set in carefully selected locations throughout the North East including: Newcastle, Durham, Northumberland, Gateshead and TeesT -side.
The Heart of TeesT - dale Landscape Partnership is holding its first "Festival of the Views", which will use views from around Teesdale to inspire Tlocal people, as well celebrate the influence Teesdale's landland T -scape had on famous painters and poets.
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Dressed in a suit and pink shirt, he only spoke to conrm his name and plead not guilty at TeesT side Magistrates' Court yesterday.
Runners-up for Company of the Year were Eldiss Transport of Consett, regional winner in the Durham and Wearside heat, and Hertel of Middlesbrough, which won the TeesT -side heat.
General manager Amy Fair said: "It's no secret that TeesT Valley is V facing economic challenges.
Redcar manager Jitendra Duffill is hoping strength in depth plays a part taking on local rivals Newcastle at the South Teest Motorsports Park.