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Any of several large swift teiid lizards of the genus Tupinambis of Central and South America, usually having black and yellow, white, or red markings.

[Portuguese tejú, from Tupí teyú.]


(Animals) a large lizard of the genus Tupinambis, native to South America
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Noun1.Tegu - a city in southeastern South Korea
Republic of Korea, South Korea - a republic in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula; established in 1948
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Information shared with the committee shows that the owner, Tegus Ltd, bought Integrity Centre from Revack Ltd for S00 million in 2013.
EACC, through the National Land Commission, compulsorily acquired the building from Tegus Limited for Sh1,543,382,916 in April last year.
Giant Tegus are large South American lizards you generally dont see in San Antonio, much less on golf courses.
The present study measured and compared the intracoelomic pressure and the coelomic perfusion pressure in tegus by two different methods to estimate the normal values for the species.
(11 VAaAaAeA ib-olla oli tegus ja ehk ka kasulike LAaAaAeAnAaAaAeAnnemaa-Saaremaa side Lembitus Vytamas see, kelle poole riialastest tabatud lihtrahvas nii Sakalas kui ka JAaAaAeAnrvas, nii Virus kui ka Harjus juba aina rohkem vaata
Tegus, "Magnetocaloric effects in MnFeP1-xAsx-based compounds," Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, vol.
Tegus of Inner Mongolia Normal University, Key Laboratory of Physics and Chemistry, for performing some experiments.
Argentine tegus have a tendency to become attached to their owners and are generally quite docile.
My books have several major male characters: Razo, Finn, Geric, Jack, Talone, Tegus, Khasar, Ungolad, His Radiance, Brute, Blunderboar, Peder, Pa, Timon, Sileph.
"He's one of the biggest tegus we''ve ever seen, but this will be the first time visitors to the centre will have had the chance to meet him."
Saren has betrothed herself to Khan Tegus and refuses to back down from her commitment.
She proves more resourceful than anyone could expect, keeping them alive in their dark prison, battling rats, and even--at her lady's insistence--speaking to Kahn Tegus, Serena's true love.