Tehachapi Mountains

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Te·hach·a·pi Mountains

A range of southern California extending from east to west between the Sierra Nevada and the Coast Ranges north of Los Angeles.
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A New Species of Helminthoglypta (Coyote) (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) from the Tehachapi Mountains, California.
For Tribune Chief Executive Jack Griffin, it gives him the elbow room to buy two Southern California newspapers that will allow Tribune to dominate news and information from the Mexican border to the Tehachapi Mountains, from the ocean to Arizona and Nevada.
Interstate 5 along the Tehachapi Mountains about 40 miles north of Los Angeles was closed as more than five feet of mud trapped motorists.
She had come with her family across the Tehachapi Mountains and into the San Joaquin Valley, north of Bakersfield, in 1888.
Along 1-5, the highway that connects the cities of California's southern coast with its central valley, we saw vast water-engineering edifices built in the 1950s, including four vast pipes traversing the Tehachapi Mountains and the cement-lined California Aqueduct, which cuts a serpentine path through the valley floor.
-- Tehachapi Mountains Double Track Project -- (Tehachapi, California, United States)
The facility is located southwest of the Piute and Tehachapi Mountains.
Calif.'s $68B high-speed rail: The "project of the century" The 141-mile Bakersfield-to-Los Angeles section of California's $68 billion, high-speed rail project presents a monumental engineering challenge, as the rail will need to pass through the Tehachapi Mountains and the San Gabriel Mountains and more than six earthquake faults.
The Alta Wind Energy Center is located in the foothills of the Tehachapi Mountains with altitudes ranging from 3,000 to 6,000 feet.
Assemblyman Andres Pico's 1859 proposal for a referendum on fissioning the state at the Tehachapi Mountains was passed by both houses of the state legislature and signed by the governor.
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has turned down a request from Northrop Grumman to delay final approval of a solar energy project that the company says would have an adverse impact on operations at its testing center in the Tehachapi Mountains. A supervisor noted that the project, AV Solar Ranch One, has already received a conditional-use permit from the county regional planning commission and that the Pentagon indicated in an e-mail that it had no position on the matter.