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or Te·he·ran  (tĕ′ə-răn′, -rän′, tĕ-răn′, -rän′)
The capital and largest city of Iran, in the north-central part of the country south of the Caspian Sea. A commercial and industrial center, it became the capital of Persia (Iran) c. 1788 and was modernized under Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (ruled 1941-1979).
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or Teh•ran

(tɛˈræn, -ˈrɑn, ˌteɪ ə-)

the capital of Iran, in the N part. 6,750,043.
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Noun1.Teheran - the capital and largest city of IranTeheran - the capital and largest city of Iran; located in northern Iran
Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran, Persia - a theocratic Islamic republic in the Middle East in western Asia; Iran was the core of the ancient empire that was known as Persia until 1935; rich in oil
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Tehran [tɛəˈrɑːn] NTeherán m
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[tɛəˈrɑːn] nTéhéran f
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[tɛəˈrɑːn] nTeheran f
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[10] The Persian might easily have admitted that Erik's fate also interested himself, for he was well aware that, if the government of Teheran had learned that Erik was still alive, it would have been all up with the modest pension of the erstwhile daroga.
A new Shah, in an outburst of confidence, set up a wire between his palace and the market-place in Teheran, and invited his people to talk to him whenever they had grievances.
"Expect to hear of me next in Petersburg or Teheran," he had said, turning to wave farewell from the steps of the Travellers'.
L'Iran a affiche mardi sa disposition a negocier avec les Etats-Unis a condition que ces derniers levent les lourdes sanctions economiques, retablies contre Teheran apres le retrait de Washington en mai 2018 de l'accord international sur le nucleaire iranien de 2015.
Fars news agency quoted Mohsen Rezaee, Secretary General of the Expediency Council, as saying that Teheran should react and halt a British oil tanker in case Britain continued holding the Iranian vessel.
The JCPOA worked out with Iran represented a major concession by Teheran, and during the period when Teheran was to comply with the deal, counter-strike capability would get built up by the US and its allies so as to reduce to very low levels any risk from Iran gaining access to nuclear weapons on the expiry of the JCPOA.
Mais si Donald Trump, qui la semaine derniere avait eu des mots tres durs envers Teheran, n'a pose aucune condition pour cette rencontre, fidele en cela a sa politique [beaucoup moins que]de la carotte et du baton[beaucoup plus grand que], son entourage s'est empresse, quant a lui, de fixer le cadre general d'une reunion qui, si elle venait a avoir lieu, serait la premiere entre les chefs d'Etat des deux pays depuis la chute du Shah en 1979.
Khurram Dastgir Khan observed that Pak-Iran relations have improved substantively since 2014, when former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited Teheran, followed by reciprocal visits in 2016 and 2017 by President of Iran Hassan Rouhani.
NNA - "Economy and Trade' minister, Alain Hakim, announced that he is heading to Teheran to set the foundations of the Economy and Trade cooperation between the two countries and revive economic relations with Iran on all levels as well as to encourage mutual investments.