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or Te·he·ran  (tĕ′ə-răn′, -rän′, tĕ-răn′, -rän′)
The capital and largest city of Iran, in the north-central part of the country south of the Caspian Sea. A commercial and industrial center, it became the capital of Persia (Iran) c. 1788 and was modernized under Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (ruled 1941-1979).
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(tɛəˈrɑːn; -ˈræn) or


(Placename) the capital of Iran, at the foot of the Elburz Mountains: built on the site of the ancient capital Ray, destroyed by Mongols in 1220; became capital in the 1790s; three universities. Pop: 7 352 000 (2005 est)
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Noun1.Tehran - the capital and largest city of IranTehran - the capital and largest city of Iran; located in northern Iran
Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran, Persia - a theocratic Islamic republic in the Middle East in western Asia; Iran was the core of the ancient empire that was known as Persia until 1935; rich in oil
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nTeheran nt
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"Smart Tehran" Week, which focuses on new technology to help the residents of the capital, will be held for the third time from 3-10 December 2019.
Moreover, 200 hectares of land were allocated for greenhouses in 15 districts of Tehran province this Iranian year.
LONDON: British Airways and Air France on Thursday said they would suspend flights to Tehran from next month for commercial reasons, as US sanctions against Iran start to bite.
Visiting Tehran at the invitation of Iran's Minister of Defense Brigadier General Amir Hatami, General Bahrami is to visit his Iranian counterpart and other political and military authorities in Tehran about expanding defense, regional and international cooperation.
Ali Moradi, the head of the National Seismology Institute in Tehran, said the quake and its aftershocks were a good thing since they relieved some of the pressure in the fault lines around the region, making a major quake in the near future less likely.
Tehran [Iran], July 15 ( ANI ): The Tehran Police on Saturday shot the attacker who had assaulted people waiting in Tehran's Shahr-e Rey Subway Station.
In the light of recent escalation of ties between Tehran and Riyadh, Swiss embassy in Tehran may issue visa for Iranian pilgrims to attend annual Hajj ritual in Saudi Arabia, Jannati earlier said.
Tehran : Iranian police wounded five armed thugs in a rare shootout in Tehran, local media reported on Monday, quoting a senior police officer."There were some armed clashes when some thugs used firearms as the police tried to arrest them," Tehran police chief Hossein Sajedinia was quoted as saying by the Mehr news agency, without specifying when the incident occurred.
The explosion took place near the professor's home in Qeytariyeh neighborhood, in northern Tehran. Iran's police and security bodiesAalaunched anAainvestigation into the "terrorist case" to identify those behind it, the report added.
The United Nations atomic agency will unveil its latest report on Iran's disputed nuclear drive Monday, with world powers warning Tehran is "running out of time" to respond to a U.N.-brokered offer to end the standoff, as the Iranian President reiterated that Tehran's nuclear rights were not negotiable.
Tehran continues to provide funding, training, logistical support, and direction not only to Hezbollah, but also to Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda, Al-Aqsa Martyrs, and over two dozen other terrorist organizations.