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 (tə-wĕl′chē, tā-wĕl′chā)
n. pl. Tehuelche or Te·huel·ches
1. A member of a South American Indian people formerly inhabiting most of Patagonia, with a small present-day population in southern Argentina.
2. The language of the Tehuelche.

Te·huel′che·an (-chē-ən) adj.
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(particularly the Tehuelche) used them to catch 200-pound guanaco
99% of those that define themselves as Mapuche are of Tehuelche origin." In the same interview, Casamiquela also argued that the Tehuelche were the original inhabitants of the pampas and mourned the loss of the Tehuelche language and a distinctive Tehuelche culture, which he saw as casualties of the araucanizacion process.
Intraspecific variation in the reproductive cycle of the Tehuelche scallop Aequippecten tehuelchus (Pelecypoda, Pectinidae), in San Matias Gulf, Patagonia, Argentina.
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Fe'i gelwid yn El Baqueano - Y Tywysydd - am ei allu i ddilyn olion ddysgodd gan y Tehuelche wrth dyfu fyny ar y paith.