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(Spanish ˈtɛiðe) or


(Placename) Pico de Teide (ˈpiko de) a volcanic mountain in the Canary Islands, on Tenerife. Height: 3718 m (12 198 ft)


or Tey•de

(ˈteɪ deɪ)

Pi•co de (ˈpi koʊ deɪ) a volcanic peak in the Canary Islands, on Tenerife. 12,190 ft. (3716 m).Also called Pico de Tenerife (or Teneriffe).
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The serenity that filters through Teide National Park - a UNESCO World Heritage site - is in perfect contrast to our base camp, Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife on the southern coast.
Teide National Park There is one completely accessible route -- Roque de Caramujo Path.
Expert tip Leave for the famed Tenerife observatory or simply set up a camp in the Teide National Park (awarded the title of 'Starlight Tourist Destination' and 'Starlight Reserve') to see our Milky Way, nebulae and shooting stars.
The temperature is in the 70s all year round, and not for nothing does Teide National Park have World Heritage status.
Famously know as the 'Starlight Reserve' Tenerife's Teide National Park boasts extraordinarily clear skies and from here travellers can view 83 of the skies 88 constellations.
Tenerife's Teide National Park boasts extraordinarily clear skies and the island is home to one of the world's most advanced astronomical observatories, the Teide Observatory.
Our most ambitious day trip was on a coach tour with Prestige Holidays to Teide National Park, the old wine-making town of Icod de los Vinos, Garachico - partially destroyed by a volcano in 1706 - and the 'lost village' of Masca before returning through the Orotava Valley.
In 2013 Teide National Park was awarded the title of Starlight Tourist Destination by the Starlight Foundation.
El Teide is Spain's highest, surrounded by the stunning scenery of Teide National Park.
Whether it's the underrated beaches and coves, the volcanic moonish landscape of Teide National Park or the 600m Los Gigantes Cliffs.
Mount Teide National Park, close to Costa Adeje, is just one of many stunning locations to explore by bike or on foot for an invigorating session steeped in natural beauty.
As fun as Tenerife's manmade parks are, no visit to the island would be complete without a trip to the Teide National Park.