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Variant of Tiresias.
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or Tei•re•si•as

(taɪˈri si əs)

(in Greek myth) a blind prophet of Thebes.
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You must go to the house of Hades and of dread Proserpine to consult the ghost of the blind Theban prophet Teiresias, whose reason is still unshaken.
More particularly you must promise that Teiresias shall have a black sheep all to himself, the finest in all your flocks.
Then draw your sword and sit there, so as to prevent any other poor ghost from coming near the split blood before Teiresias shall have answered your questions.
"When I had got the men together I said to them, 'You think you are about to start home again, but Circe has explained to me that instead of this, we have got to go to the house of Hades and Proserpine to consult the ghost of the Theban prophet Teiresias.'
Its subject, however, seems to have been the histories of famous seers like Mopsus, Calchas, and Teiresias, and it probably took its name from Melampus, the most famous of them all.
123-4) sums up the matter well: '...the story self-evidently belonged to Actaeon and Artemis before it was transferred to Teiresias and Athena.
(5.3) That oracle arrives in the shape of the blind Teiresias "divinely inspired and breathing out prophecies" (5.4).
(77)Usually with reference to a relationship with gods; for example, see Sophokles, Oedipus Rex 410, where Teiresias says to Oedipus:
Thus, Aeneas's confrontations with Palinurus, Dido, Deiphobus, and Anchises correspond more or less with Odysseus's encounters with Elpenor, Ajax, Anticleia, and Teiresias, respectively.
the individual, or so the confrontation first appears, until Teiresias arrives, warning Creon of ruinous losses to come.
Like Pentheus, Crassus does not heed the good advice that is available: to that extent, the worthy Cassius, himself the stuff of myth by Plutarch's day, plays Teiresias to Crassus' Pentheus.(18)
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