Tel Aviv-Yafo

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Tel A·viv-Ya·fo

 (tĕl′ ə-vēv′yä′fō, ä-vēv′-) or Tel A·viv-Jaf·fa (-jăf′ə, -yä′fə)
A city of west-central Israel on the Mediterranean Sea west-northwest of Jerusalem. Tel Aviv was founded in 1909 by settlers from the ancient city of Jaffa. The communities merged in 1950.
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The grand opening ceremony was attended by the lab's partners in Israel: Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Aharon Aharon, the CEO of Israel Innovation Authority, Dr.
The speakers are 2011 Israeli participant Noam Preminger, who now lives in Tel Aviv-Yafo, and 2009 Palestinian participant Zinat Kabbani, who now lives in the Palestinian West Bank.
Ahead of the event, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality is working in order to create a positive experience for tourists and has issued a call for volunteers to assist tourists and journalists during their stay in Tel Aviv.
Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo, speaks during the Eurovision Semi-Final allocation draw, in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, on January 28, 2019.