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 (tĕl-ăn′jē-ĕk-tā′zhə) also tel·an·gi·ec·ta·sis (-ĕk′tə-sĭs)
Chronic dilation of groups of capillaries causing elevated dark red blotches on the skin.

[New Latin : tel(o)- + Greek angeion, vessel; see angio- + Greek ektasis, expansion (from ekteinein, to stretch out : ek-, ex, ex- + teinein, to stretch; see ten- in Indo-European roots).]

tel·an′gi·ec·tat′ic (-tăt′ĭk) adj.
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(tɛlˌæn dʒiˈɛk tə sɪs)

n., pl. -ses (-ˌsiz)
chronic dilatation of the capillaries and other small blood vessels.
[1825–35; tel-2 + angi(o)- + Greek éktasis extension = ekta-, variant s. of ekteínein to stretch out (ek- ec- + teínein to stretch) + -sis -sis]
tel•an`gi•ec•tat′ic (-ˈtæt ɪk) adj.
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n. telangiectasia, telangiectasis, condición causada por dilatación de los vasos capilares y arteriolas que puede formar un angioma.
hereditary hemorrhagic ______ hemorrágica
lympathic ______ linfática.
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n telangiectasia; hereditary hemorrhagic — telangiectasia hemorrágica hereditaria
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Multiple passes or judicious pulse stacking can be used with PDL for treating telangiectases, "but always know what your endpoint is," Dr.
Keh Yen, "Ultrastructure and three-dimensional reconstruction of several macular and papular telangiectases," Journal of Investigative Dermatology, vol.
An example I recollect was a case of an infant who presented with telangiectases on the face and inguinal area without other rash.
Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT) or Osler-WeberRendu syndrome is an autosomal-dominant multisystemic vascular disorder, characterized by mucocutaneous telangiectases and arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) which predisposes to shunts formation and bleeding.
A 3-month-old Caucasian girl presented at birth an erythematous patch with prominent surface telangiectases on her dorsal arm (Figure 5).
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In 13 patients, aneurysms and telangiectases were treated with laser photocoagulation therapy repeated at specific intervals.
HHT is characterized by the presence of vascular abnormalities, such as telangiectases and/or arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), in the lungs, brain, gastrointestinal tract, liver, and spinal cord [2].
It may appear as a crusted ulcer (known as a "rodent ulcer") with a rolled, translucent border and telangiectases. (5) There are 5 major histologic subtypes of BCC: nodular, micronodular, superficial, morpheaform, and infiltrative.
Edema, telangiectases, a moderate polymorphic inflammatory infiltrate, and melanin clumps are noted in the dermis.
The typical patches often show a predilection to the major flexural areas and trunk, and present with erythema, mild scaling, mottled dyspigmentation (hyper- and hypopigmentation) with atrophy, and telangiectases. As a result of atrophy and thinning, the patient's skin surface may be reminiscent of "cigarette paper." As opposed to classic MF, poikilodermatous lesions are generally asymptomatic or mildly pruritic and are usually stable or slowly increasing in size (10, 11).