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Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said the President has edited and cut his fourth SONA speech to less than 20 pages, rehearsed its delivery, and even got tips about reading from a teleprompter at the Palace last Friday.
He can't string together a sentence longer than five words and he can barely read a teleprompter. The only number he knows is "billions and billions".
The Oscar-winning actress told The Associated Press Monday at a screening of her new film "Bird Box " that she thinks random actors should be pulled out of the audience and read what's on the teleprompter to cover a segment of the show.
ANI did not have any fancy studio -- a makeshift corner in the newsroom with a teleprompter. As the doors of ANI was opened to them, all the BJP leaders trooped in one by one and recorded their messages.
Walsh told CNN on Saturday that he was tricked into reading the words off a teleprompter.
Using teleprompter is important in these days of sprinkling showmanship among political leaders.
At one point during the speech, the President, in his freewheeling bravado, chided the teleprompter operator, reprimanding 'the director.' Some viewers thought the prexy took a dig at Mendoza.
The teleprompter went down as the actress was in the middle of presenting the director and screenwriter with the award for favorite humanitarian at Wednesday's event at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.
Over the recent months King Salman has been trying to disguise a teleprompter he uses to be able to make coherent sentences when holding talks with foreign dignitaries
Did the teleprompter really say Miss Colombia was the winner?