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A transmission path for the communication of signals and data from a communications satellite or other space vehicle to the earth and back.

down′link′ v.


the link from a satellite to an earth station



a transmission path for data or other signals from a communications satellite to earth.
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PART of a transatlantic telecommunications link will be built here, it was announced last night.
Such a turn would be required of a high-altitude, long-duration aircraft being used as a telecommunications link or in making science missions requiring long looks at a particular location.
0 is a Windows-based telecommunications link to industrial automation software systems that provides real-time intelligent alarm notification, data acquisition and remote control from a number of telecommunication devices.
Wind, Italy's third-biggest telecoms operator, said it has signed an agreement with the Greek national electricity company PPC to set up an optic fibre telecommunications link between Italy and Greece.
A telecommunications link will be established between the SABINET and OCLC systems, and SABINET libraries will have access both to the SACat mounted locally and to OCLC.
The microwave equipment will be supported by Newport's in-house uninterruptable power supply (UPS) and can be used as either a back-up system or main telecommunications link across the Hudson River.
First, each institution that is "eligible" to submit competitive bids in Treasury auctions would have a terminal-based telecommunications link to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, either directly or through another Federal Reserve Bank.
AirCell this week successfully completed the initial phase of flight testing for its next-generation airborne telecommunications link.
MTS, the mobile telephony services provider of the Russian Federation, has accomplished the installation of its VSAT network-based satellite telecommunications link covering the settlement of Elga in Sakha republic.
NORTHERN Ireland is to get faster and cheaper broadband with its first direct telecommunications link to North America.
It is our task, Cal State Bakersfield and Antelope Valley College, to convince the Chancellor's Office to complete the telecommunications link and provide the learning space,'' Ost said.
And, as part of the leasing transaction negotiated with 215's owner, S L Green Real Estate, Guardian will have the right to build a second floor pedestrian walkway and create a telecommunications link between its two neighboring offices.

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