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 (tĕl′ə-nō-vā′lə, -vĕl′ə)
A melodramatic television series with a limited number of episodes that is performed in Spanish or Portuguese, typically shown during prime time on multiple days of the week over the course of several months.

[Spanish : tele(visión), television (from tele-, tele- + visión, vision, from Latin vīsiō, vīsiōn-; see vision) + novela, novel (from Italian novella, news, story; see novel).]
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I was also in Forbidden, a Telenovella, which showed on Africa Magic Showcase on DSTV (2018).
It feels as though we're all players in a movie, with a narrative that for most of us seemed more fantasy than reality with more twists and turns than a telenovella.
On 26 May, 2008, an episode from the drama series Telenovella Inc.
The brief focus on the German adaptation of the Ugly Betty format, and Edward Larkey's chapter on identity constructions by trans-cultural comparison in particular, make this section a useful supplement to Janet McCabe and Kim Akass' exhaustive case study, with their edited collection, TV's Betty Goes Global: From Telenovella to International Brand (2012).
A self-trained architect from the Brazilian ruling class, Lota de Macedo Soares (played brilliantly by Brazilian telenovella star Gloria Pires) had no problem ordering workers around and building a sanctuary in the lush jungle of Samambaia for her lover, Mary Morse (Tracy Middendorf).
oeCorruption in the Philippines is like a never-ending dramatic telenovella. You have new actors and players and new plots of doing their crooked ways conspiring in the best way they can.
Speaking at the inaugural launch, India's Ambassador to Kazakhstan Ashok Sajjanhar said the decision by a commercial channel to bring this telenovella to Kazakhstan, both in Russian and Kazakh languages, was evidence of the growing and vibrant relations between India and Kazakhstan.
Recently Univision scored some very impressive audience numbers during the final episode of a two-year-long telenovella titled "Amarte es Mi Pecado," which loosely translates to "my love, my sin." On a national level, the two-hour telecast drew more viewers aged 18-49 than did the competition's shows on ABC, CBS, Fox, the WB or UPN.
While it has all the trappings of a meaty soap opera, El callejon is more than a dewy-eyed telenovella. Fons deftly interweaves his characters' lives, using conflicting perspectives to underscore the dialectical tensions between individual and collective memory.
OSN Ya Hala Arabella HD is a telenovella channel featuring popular Arabic-dubbed Mexican series including super hits such as Kayd Imra'ah and Asirat Alhob.
It was a decision that frustrated Sex and the City fans as well, who felt that the series was being inappropriately used to fill a gap left by the failure of telenovella Lotta in Love (2006).
During that trip, I heard that, in Southern Africa, kids rarely miss an episode of their favourite telenovellas from the Philippines.