utility pole

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util′ity pole`

one of a series of large, upright poles used to support telephone wires, electric cables, or the like.
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Here there was nothing of this; Anne knew that outside of her window was a hard street, with a network of telephone wires shutting out the sky, the tramp of alien feet, and a thousand lights gleaming on stranger faces.
It certainly is a strange coincidence," he added, speaking in an aside to Ned while he himself still listened to what was being told to him over the telephone wire.
The last note of modernity was supplied by the telephone wire attached to the roof of the lifeboat shelter.
He would have remarked first, perhaps, that all the hedges needed clipping, that the roadside grass grew rank, that the road-tracks were unusually rainworn, and that the cottages by the wayside seemed in many cases shut up, that a telephone wire had dropped here, and that a cart stood abandoned by the wayside.
Without telephone wires to direct them, Canadian geese flying south will probably end up in the Yukon.
The new deployment technology is built with equipment that resides on the MTU premises in the central wiring closet and operates seamlessly with the existing copper-based local loop telephone wires, regardless of distance from the central office.
AT&T reached far outside its world of telephone wires Wednesday to name John Walter, chairman of printing giant R.
Telephone service can be provided over cable TV wires, video can be sent over telephone wires and the distinction between inter- and intra-LATA long distance became irrelevant.
Video dial tone providers provide video service to customers through the telephone wires.
Despite vocal opposition from the cable companies, the FCC has approved new rules that will allow telephone companies to carry TV shows into homes over telephone wires.
The NuVisions IPTV service is seamlessly integrated into a building as it relies on existing telephone wires for delivery to subscribers.
With Amedia's MDUstream(TM) solution, service providers can deliver voice over IP, broadband data, and IP Video services over an optical fiber to a building complex, and then further distribute those services to each individual living unit via existing intra-building telephone wires or other media.