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A hypothetical method of transportation in which matter is converted into minute particles or into energy at one point and re-created in original form at another.

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Noun1.teleportation - a hypothetical mode of instantaneous transportation; matter is dematerialized at one place and recreated at another
transfer, transferral, transportation, conveyance, transport - the act of moving something from one location to another
science fiction - literary fantasy involving the imagined impact of science on society
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DCI David Henderson said "a lot of planning, a lot of organisation" has gone into the thefts which involve stolen diggers or teleporters being used to smash the cash machines from their housing at petrols stations or shops in rural locations.
Travel through teleporters, across moving platforms and save time by throwing ingredients across dynamic kitchens that shift and evolve.
Or teleporters (which you must check very thoroughly for errant houseflies or risk turning into a buzzing Brundle).
However, what David doesn't know is that he isn't the only one of his kind, and a secret society of religious fanatics is plotting to wipe him and his fellow teleporters out.
The coloured bits in each level range from simple levers to fan or wheels and even teleporters. Sometimes there are more than two counters to fill and you'll have to work out a way to achieve the target without losing too many marbles to the process.
However, they can litter the map with hidden teleporters to move massive armies and even building across the map.
While 'Star Trek's' teleporters transport people from place to place instantaneously, quantum teleportation sends information.'
However, he doesn't realise he isn't the only one of his kind and a secret society of religious fanatics are plotting to wipe him and his fellow teleporters out.
So, will we all be soon stepping into VR teleporters and travel virtually?
These trends, the mixture of all sub-genres of fiction and fantasy, evolved into the science fiction that deals with fantastic technologies like the warp drives, teleporters, and Stargates, the time machines allowing mankind to interact with aliens not only from the far galaxies, but also from the imaginary parallel universes.
It has customisable level themes with over 20 styles, customisable unit skins including Knights and Cowboys, ten types of specialized units including mines, path blockers and lightning, a built in Level Editor and 3D levels with floating platforms, Healing Stations and Teleporters. Plus, there are no static towers that can hinder your Cubemen from moving freely in the game.
Naturally, the studio is making sure that the shows fit the audience that attends Comic-Con with series centered around superheroes, vampires, androids and teleporters. Also going are "Almost Human" "The Tomorrow People," "The 100" "Beware the Batman," "MAD," "Teen Titans Go?" and "The Paranormal," as well as "Extraterrestrial Squad."