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A trademark for a device employed in television to show an actor or a speaker an enlarged line-by-line reproduction of a script, unseen by the audience.


(Broadcasting) trademark US and Canadian an electronic television prompting device whereby a prepared script, unseen by the audience, is enlarged line by line for the speaker. equivalent in Britain (and certain other countries) Autocue


(ˈtɛl əˌprɒmp tər)
an off-camera device that displays a magnified script speakers program.
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Noun1.Teleprompter - a prompter for television performers
autocue, prompter - a device that displays words for people to read
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product


® [ˈtelɪˌprɒmptəʳ] Nteleprompter m


[ˌtɛliˈprɒmpr] n (US)prompteur m


n (esp US) → Teleprompter® m


® [ˈtɛlɪˌprɒmptəʳ] n (Am) → gobbo
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The teleprompter went down as the actress was in the middle of presenting the director and screenwriter with the award for favorite humanitarian at Wednesday's event at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.
Limited Tenders are invited for Vss17 Teleprompter And Accessories As Per The Specification Rquired
And for a person used to doing unscripted speeches, Duterte might use a teleprompter for his inauguration.
SINGER Michael Buble needs a teleprompter to help him remember his lyrics on stage, it was revealed yesterday.
You may have noticed on the first live shows of 'X Factor,' Mario was talking a lot, and that's because he apparently took some of Khloe's lines off the teleprompter and she's not happy about it.
Un montaje ante 780 consejeros del partido, el cuidado de no violentar la difusa etapa de intercampana, y ahi mismo la puerta abierta para denunciar a la panista por actos anticipados de campana, usar teleprompter, cuidar el copete, la figura y la foto de Pena Nieto mas sus mujeres (esposa e hijas) con su adolescente hijo varon cual excepcion a la norma, ?
Rick Perry's campaign is broadcasting a new ad in Iowa starting today that implicity denigrates Barack Obama for being "slick" and using a TelePrompter and explicity promises action instead of talk.
Washington, Oct 19 (ANI): US President Barack Obama may e find himself in a spot of bother while addressing crowds during his campaigns, with reports saying that a truck containing his trusty see-through teleprompter was stolen by thieves recently.
Front page: Cable television was available in Eugene-Springfield in 1969 through Teleprompter of Oregon.
Mr Obama went on to finish making his statement by referring to his notes and another teleprompter screen that was in the room.
Teleprompter had made the transition from handicapper - Cambridgeshire and Royal Hunt Cup runner-up - to Group winner the previous season, when his wins included the Group 1 Queen Elizabeth II Stakes.
Instead of those clear Teleprompter screens during your talk, you'll be staring none-too-subtly at a laptop.