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A trademark for a device employed in television to show an actor or a speaker an enlarged line-by-line reproduction of a script, unseen by the audience.


(Broadcasting) trademark US and Canadian an electronic television prompting device whereby a prepared script, unseen by the audience, is enlarged line by line for the speaker. equivalent in Britain (and certain other countries) Autocue


(ˈtɛl əˌprɒmp tər)
an off-camera device that displays a magnified script speakers program.
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Noun1.Teleprompter - a prompter for television performers
autocue, prompter - a device that displays words for people to read
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product


® [ˈtelɪˌprɒmptəʳ] Nteleprompter m


[ˌtɛliˈprɒmpr] n (US)prompteur m


n (esp US) → Teleprompter® m


® [ˈtɛlɪˌprɒmptəʳ] n (Am) → gobbo
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However, according to researchers the following may be considered as the most popular: Telescript, NOMADS, SafeTCL, D'Agents, JavaSeal, Mole, Aglets, Lime, Messenger, JADE, Voyager, TACOMA, Grasshopper, SPRINGS, MAPNET and EtherYatri.NET [39, 50, 51].
The term "mobile agent" was introduced by Telescript, which supported mobility at the programming language level.
The ineffectualness of John's character is established elsewhere in the telescript by his responding Polonius-like to a maidservant's allusion to her "baby boy's bonny bum." "That's good," he coos; "Baby boy's bonny bum is good" (45).
In particular the overview in [69] focuses on several programming languages (Java, Objective Caml, Telescript, etc.) and their suitability in mobile code environments.
have announced they integrated Telescript 5.5 and Tele Vantage 5.0 with Calltrol's Object Telephony Server to create a single platform, integrated predictive dialer and software-based phone switch solution.
Mobile agent technology has been focus of research for many large research groups, for example, Telescript (White, 1996); AgentTCL (Gray, 1997); Aglet system (Chang & Lange, 1996); Bee-gent and Plangent (Toshiba, 2001); and Hive (Minar, 2000).
Recent interpreted programming languages, such as Java [Gosling et al., 1996], Telescript [White, 1996] and Tcl/Tk [Ousterhout, 1994] provide additional support for agent mobility.
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may drop its PersonaLink online service carrying the company's Telescript software.
But it's Magic Cap's sister technology, Telescript, that holds the most possibilities.
Arthur Miller is no stranger to this subject; his 1965 play Incident at Vichy and the 1980 telescript Playing for Time focus on the Holocaust writ large.