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telesia, telesis

the harnessing of natural and social forces for a beneficial goal.
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We spent a weekend at my former boss Alfonso Telese's place in Garrison, New York.
Similarly, students in Korea who earned high science test scores on the TIMSS 2011 assessment reported that they were frequently engaged on teacher activities during their science classes (House & Telese, 2015).
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The victims were Italians heading home from a trip to Telese Terme, known for its hot springs.
The coach was carrying about 48 people back to Naples after visiting Telese Terme in the southern region of Campania, Italian daily La Repubblica reported.
They were on their way back to Naples at the end of a two-day journey to Telese Terme and Pietralcina, the early home of Padre Pio, a mystic monk hugely popular among Catholics in Italy.
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After medical examination, subjects were randomly divided into 2 groups: group A (21 subjects with Body Mass Index (BMI) 27.9+/1.0), who continued hypoglycaemic drug therapy and group B (14 subjects with BMI 27.5+/-1.0), who continued hypoglycaemic drug therapy in association with a drinking treatment with sulphureous-bicarbonate-calcic-magnesian mineral water from Terme of Telese SpA (Benevento-Italy) for 14 days.