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 (tĕl′ə-nō-vā′lə, -vĕl′ə)
A melodramatic television series with a limited number of episodes that is performed in Spanish or Portuguese, typically shown during prime time on multiple days of the week over the course of several months.

[Spanish : tele(visión), television (from tele-, tele- + visión, vision, from Latin vīsiō, vīsiōn-; see vision) + novela, novel (from Italian novella, news, story; see novel).]
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Reviews and word-of-mouth should be favorable enough to expand pic's appeal beyond devoted viewers of Romano's long-running "Everybody Loves Raymond" teleseries. The catch is, it's equally probable that many (if not most) of the TV faithful will wait for the DVD release.
Francestown, NH, May 03, 2010 --( Join Paula Eder, Finding Time Founder & Expert in her Finding Time EducationRich & HeartBased Interview Teleseries on Tuesday, May 4, from 7-8 pm Eastern Time as she interviews Entrepreneur Energy Coach & Founder of Body Brilliance Krista Hearty about: "A Secret Brilliance: How to Tap Into Your Unique Energy and Power."
Wilson appeared in more than 17 Aussie films, including "Crackerjack," "The Club" and "Breaker Morant." He had roles in more than 40 teleseries including "A Country Practice," "Blue Heelers," "Matlock Police" and "The Sullivans."