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n. pl. miniseries
1. A television series that tells a self-contained story in a limited number of episodes.
2. A comic book series that tells a self-contained story in a limited number of issues, usually between two and eight.
3. Sports A short series of performances or athletic contests.


(Broadcasting) a television programme in several parts that is shown on consecutive days or weeks for a short period


(ˈmɪn iˌsɪər iz)

n., pl. -ries.
a television film broadcast in consecutive parts over a span of several days or weeks.


[ˈmɪnɪˌsɪərɪz] N (miniseries (pl)) (TV) → miniserie f
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He blamed his dismissal from a production of "Macbeth" on "friends" of the administration of President Richard Nixon, who Torn would later portray in the television mini-series "Blind Ambition."
In a 2013 interview to mark his 90th birthday, he said the general public would remember him most for his 1968 film of "Romeo and Juliet," the 1977 television mini-series "Jesus of Nazareth," and "Brother Sun, Sister Moon," his 1972 film tribute to St.
"The Wedding" was also produced as a television mini-series by Oprah Winfrey and starred Halle Berry.
Critique: An incredible and simply fascinating account, "Thrown Upon the World: A True Story" is one of those real life tales the stuff of which block-buster television mini-series are made.
Tyson is famed for playing the characters of strong African-American women, which also included a role in the hugely-watched 1970s television mini-series, Roots.
Hekmat) and at the start of the millennium when she starred in the television mini-series "Wajh al-Qamar" (Face of the Moon).
In particular, it was used as the setting of a Stephen King television mini-series entitled 'Rose Red.' The castle shows how far one man can go to tell the world of his love for his wife.
Critique: An impressive and deftly crafted saga that seamlessly interweaves historical fact with illustrative fiction, "The Trumpets of Jericho" is the stuff from which block buster movies and television mini-series are made.
Melanie Eis and Fabian Eckert more plausibly argue that contemporaneously to the success of the television mini-series Holocaust, punks likewise participated in a reconsideration of genocide in their music.
She is the star of a new six-part, public television mini-series called The Kitchen Wisdom of Cecilia Chiang, which launched in July on PBS stations nationwide.
in 1988, the book chronicled North and the Iran-Contra affair, and was the basis for a four-hour television mini-series which aired on CBS in May of 1989.
That's what drives House of Cards , a story of power politics that propelled to fame with a television mini-series by the BBC in 1990.

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