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Noun1.television program - a program broadcast by televisiontelevision program - a program broadcast by television  
broadcast, program, programme - a radio or television show; "did you see his program last night?"
colorcast, colourcast - a television program that is broadcast in color
pilot film, pilot program, pilot - a program exemplifying a contemplated series; intended to attract sponsors
sitcom, situation comedy - a humorous television program based on situations that could arise in everyday life
special - a television production that features a particular person or work or topic; "the last of a series of BBC specials on Iran is being shown tonight"
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Social media makes it easier for fans of television programs to connect with each other and have shared viewing experiences.
The National Council for Children's Television (NCCT), an attached agency of the DepEd, launched the Child-Friendly Content Standards (CFCS) recently as part of its mandate to "produce quality television programs that will help develop the knowledge, skills, values, and strong sense of national identity among Filipino learners."
This book analyzes four Jamaican television programs shown on free-to-air television since its start in Jamaica in 1963 (Schools' Challenge Quiz, Profile, Hill an' Gully Ride, and Entertainment Report) by examining the production elements that have contributed to their success.
10905 or The Closed Caption Law, which obliges television stations to use the subtitling system that transcribes spoken lines and describes nonverbal elements in television programs, will take effect 15 days after publication.
February 2013 compared to January 2013 Compared to the previous month, in February 2013, the turnover of market services rendered mainly to enterprises, gross series, globally increased by 0.7%, due to rises in the activities of cinema, video and television programs production, programs broadcasting and transmission activities (+5.1%), in other services mainly provided to enterprises (+2.2%) and in transports (+0,7%).
"Just as critics of books evaluate works of fiction and nonfiction by holding them to established standards, television critics utilize methodology and theory to comprehend, analyze, interpret, and evaluate television programs" (p.
English language television programs are widely available in English as a second language (ESL) and English as a foreign language (EFL) contexts, and research indicates that foreign language learners are motivated to learn through watching television (Bada & Okan, 2000; Gieve & Clark, 2005).
The ABC, which has the current Australia Network contract, said the agreement with SMG would give the two broadcasters the option to exchange television programs, provide news gathering support and explore international television program co-productions.
State Broadcasting says it now has modern software that enables it more quickly to censor foreign films and television programs before they are broadcast in Iran.
In this regard, producers GAO contacted stated that developing and producing broadcast television programs is costly and financially risky.
Summary: Women appearing in television programs will not be allowed to wear make-up because it is against Islamic law, or sharia, media on Wednesday quoted the head of Iran's state television as

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