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An ancient city of southwest Asia near the site of present-day Aleppo, Syria. The cuneiform Ebla Tablets, discovered from 1974 to 1975, describe a thriving third-millennium bc civilization centered around the city.


(ˈɛb lə, ˈi blə)

an ancient city whose remains are located near Aleppo in present-day Syria, the site of the discovery in 1974–75 of cuneiform tablets documenting a culture of the 3rd millennium B.C.
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In 1975, beneath the ancient earthen mound known as Tell Mardikh, an Italian archeological team discovered the archives of Ebla, a Sumerian city located today in Northern Syria.
He studied under Dr Paolo Matthiae, the excavator of the 3rd millennium BC site of Ebla at Tell Mardikh, Syria, and with Dr William Dever of the University of Arizona at Tucson.
Muntingh provides valuable information and a detailed comparison between Israelite, Eblaite, and other approaches to kingship ('The Conception of Ancient Syro-Palestinian Kingship in the Light of Contemporary Royal Archives with Special Reference to the Recent Discoveries at Tell Mardikh (Ebla) in Syria', in Bulletin of the Middle Eastern Culture Center in Japan, I.