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n. pl. Temne or Tem·nes
1. A member of a people living in Sierra Leone.
2. The Atlantic language of this people.


(ˈtɛmnɪ; ˈtɪm-)
npl -nes or -ne
1. (Peoples) a member of a Negroid people of N Sierra Leone
2. (Languages) the language of this people, closely related to Bantu


(ˈtɛm ni)

n., pl. -nes, (esp. collectively) -ne.
1. a member of an African people living mainly in Sierra Leone.
2. the West Atlantic language of the Temne.
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Animals and birds also feature in Thomas Decker's Tales of the Forest, a collection of folktales from the Temnes, Mendes, and Krios of Sierra Leone.
She would tell me stories about Temnes and Mendes, Creoles and Hausas, and I would listen because there was so much to learn, and even then I knew there wouldn't be much time.
Those from Temne or Mende country spoke through the veils of three languages--their tribal language, then Krio, then English.