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Noun1.temperate rain forest - a rain forest in a temperate area
rain forest, rainforest - a forest with heavy annual rainfall
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The temperate rain forests on the North America's Pacific Northwest were a new phenomenon to professional foresters, says science and environment historian Brock, and the science of forestry had to develop new practices and understandings in order to keep pace with the rapid growth of lumber industry feeding on Douglas fir forests, which began early in the 20th century.
The places surveyed are Olympic National Park, a place of temperate rain forests, waterfalls, and hiking trails; San Juan Island National Historical Park, a preserved slice of what "Oregon Territory" used to be like; Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve, where rural farming and fishing are still practiced; Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, a place that beckons explorers and modern-day warriors; Whitman Mission National Historic Site, which commemorates the turning point of westward expansion in America's history; and North Cascades National Park Service Complex, a breathtaking hiker's paradise filled with waterfalls, glaciers, and mountain peaks.
But two topics predominated: Native sovereignty, and the destruction of BC's temperate rain forests. The two issues are, of course, closely related since the resolution of Native land claims is meaningless if the land itself has already been plundered.
The Colocolo opossum (Dromiciops gliroides Thomas, 1894) is an arboreal marsupial, endemic to temperate rain forests of southern Chile and Argentina (Iriarte, 2008; Martin, 2010), and the sole living representative of the order Microbiotheria (Mann, 1978).
This new book on Alaska is an especially good example of the genre, presenting a broad overview of the state's diverse regions--the temperate rain forests of the southeast, the glaciers and volcanoes of the Aleutian arc, the mountainous interior, the Arctic plains and Yukon Valley--as well as an introduction to the state's signature wildlife.
The majority of Canada's paper is currently made from boreal forests and temperate rain forests. Straw from Canada's wheat harvest could produce 8 million tonnes of pulp--equivalent to the paper volume used by the North American newspaper industry every year.
Geographically, it's a heavenly place - 17,000 square miles of temperate rain forests, Pacific Ocean beaches, fertile bottomland for farming, the nation's best salmon fisheries outside Alaska and heady mountain wilderness.
Flanked by rolling Pacific waves and lush temperate rain forests, Long Beach feels like the misty edge of a new world; winter visits offer storm-watching opportunities as ferocious waves pound the shoreline.
The intrepid group hiked through dense temperate rain forests and sailed in sturdy piraguas made by their native guides, but the magical City of the Cesars proved elusive.
Most highly regarded by craftworkers are the eucalyptus, which dominates Australian forests, and the "minor species" that grow in the temperate rain forests. These include the sassafras, myrtle, blackwood, celery-top pine, King Billy pine, musk, and huon pine.
They are found in the world's temperate rain forests, where they inhabit moist, shady valleys.