Temporary star

(Astron.) a star which appears suddenly, shines for a period, and then nearly or quite disappears. These stars were supposed by some astronomers to be variable stars of long and undetermined periods. More recently, variations star in start intensity are classified more specifically, and this term is now obsolescent. See also nova.
(Astron.) See under Star.

See also: Star, Temporary

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The Lucky Wishbone sign is for them only a temporary star.
In his report for 1892-'93 (see Figure 17) Gore said that the work of the VSS had been chiefly directed to the new or temporary star search, the discovery of new variable stars and the observation of known variable stars.
--An introduction to variable stars including a description of the five classes, which were: I) temporary stars, II) long period variables, III) minor irregular variables, IV) short period variables & V) Algol stars.
(61) The search for new or temporary stars was to be concentrated on the northern Milky Way, to which he had paid much attention whilst working in India in the 1870s.
So great was the demand for his temporary star theater that Sadler quit teaching, started Learning Technologies, Inc., and began manufacturing Starlab, the first commercially available portable planetarium.
Since the most detailed European observations of the supernova were made by Tycho Brahe (1546-1601), this temporary star is often referred to as Tycho's supernova.
For their part, medieval Arab astronomers had little interest in "temporary stars." Following the traditional views of the ancient Greeks, Arab astronomers regarded comets and other impermanent celestial sights merely as atmospheric phenomena; the celestial vault beyond was believed to be unchanging.
He included the accounts of the three supernovae, as well as other temporary stars, in his diary: the Meigetsuki (Diary of the full Moon).
In layman's terms, reality TV makes temporary stars, but it's a lofty status that comes without the trappings of success.
But he was keen to avoid the frustrations of last season which saw him regularly lose his temporary stars to recalls from their parent clubs.
Early Chinese records contain many references to "guest stars" (kexing) - temporary stars that remained visible for periods from a few days to many months or even years.
I shall use it to illustrate the care with which some Chinese observations of temporary stars were made.
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