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a.1.Fit to be rented; in a condition suitable for a tenant.
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It also said the MoD is required to return surplus properties to the company in a "good tenantable repair and decorative order" - but since 2004, doing this has cost on average PS11,369 per surrendered unit.
Assuming the lease is silent on this specific point, it's still the case that any landlord has to ensure that the property they are renting out is in a tenantable condition.
The Missouri Court of Appeals questioned "why a landlord is entitled to the special protection of being assured of recovery on a monetary judgment before the tenant can even raise an otherwise permissible defense or counterclaim[,]" (43) and suggested "it is unclear how barring a tenant's viable defense or counterclaim for failing to escrow her withheld rent 'encourage[s] the landlord to minimize the tenant's damages by making tenantable repairs at the earliest time' or helps maintain an adequate supply of habitable dwellings.