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a.1.(Zool.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a condition assumed by the imago of certain Neuroptera, after exclusion from the pupa. In this state the insect is soft, and has not fully attained its mature coloring.
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The larvae serve as food for freshwater fish, and the soft bodies of the teneral are fed by birds (Jens and Runyan, 2006).
Until wings dry and harden, the teneral ode is very vulnerable.
Three adults (two male and one female) with some teneral characteristics, were well away from the Yarra with the minimum distance from the river being up to 1.
aegypti adult females only if teneral nutritional reserves are elevated [102].
It should be noted that the male holotype is slightly teneral, therefore the darker and more reddish coloration of the female specimen may be more indicative of fully mature coloration in both sexes.
Braquiaria plants in laboratory were infested with teneral adults (< 24 hours), then were sprayed with 15 ml of fungi at a concentration of 1 x [10.
This is probably because reared specimens of Tachygonus are sometimes relatively teneral at emergence and take several days to develop full coloration (Hespenheide, unpublished).
En la quebrada "La Miel" a medida que aumenta el numero de individuos registrados en la categoria de teneral, el numero de adultos maduros decrece, mientras que en la quebrada "La Catedral" este comportamiento se invierte (Fig.
Similar al macho (Figura 1B) y a las fotos de la serie tipo, un poco mas pequena, un adulto teneral, color rojizo oscuro, lustroso, cabeza muy corta, transversa, profundamente emarginada, dorsalmente pilosa y finamente puncturada; ojos redondos proporcionalmente mas pequenos, con el canthus proyectado anteriormente, espinoso; mandibulas cortas, sinuadas, dorsalmente carinadas, dos veces mas largas que la cabeza, angostas, proyectadas hacia arriba; palpos maxilares poco mas largos que las mandibulas; pronotum similar al del macho, pero poco proyectado, de aspecto rugoso, surco dorsal reducido, con la carina anterior de menor tamano; patas delanteras con las tibias mas delgadas y tarsos mas pequenos; elytra similarmente surcado, pero dejando ver el pygidium.
The only specimens at hand are rather teneral, so their colors may not correspond to those in mature specimens.