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(Tools) (prenominal) US and Canadian (of a nail) three inches in length


(ˈtɛnˌpɛn i, -pə ni)

1. noting a nail 3 in. (7.6 cm) in length. Symbol: 10d.
2. worth or costing ten cents.
References in classic literature ?
There is none,'' replied the hermit, ``from the scissors of Delilah, and the tenpenny nail of Jael, to the scimitar of Goliath, at which I am not a match for thee But, if I am to make the election, what sayst thou, good friend, to these trinkets?
A spokesman for the Volunteer Centre said: "The Tenpenny Bit will be providing the Ceilidh with Alison being the caller.
Tenpenny on Vaccines, Great Mothers (and Others) Questioning Vaccines, No Vaccines Australia, Age of Autism, and Rage Against the Vaccines.
But I did get some nice portraits of the grouse after spending many nights sleeping in that Army surplus pup tent, no more uncomfortable than if I were sleeping on a bed of tenpenny nails.
Sherri Tenpenny, a medical doctor and outspoken critic of vaccines.
All I did was tell what happened when I did errands for my mother, riding my bike from our home in Blanche Street up Broadway to Pointon's, the butchers then onto the Co-op opposite, giving my mother's dividend number, 3045, when I paid, calling at Mitchie's, the ironmongers, on the way back for our usual paraffin and candles and making my final stop at Dibble's bakery for a tenpenny bag of assorted pastries (you got six on Saturday for the price of five).
Sherri Tenpenny wrote: "This is so lovely and brings back so many memories.
Opening a facility in Mexico supports TLP's long-term strategy of further expanding the TLP global footprint in order to strengthen our local services presence, close to the operations of our customers in the region," says Tracy Tenpenny, vice president of sales and marketing.
Johnson, OT Jeremiah Sirles, P Chase Tenpenny, OT Ian White and WRs Torrence Allen, Brelan Chancellor, Micah Hatfield and Javontee Herndon.
Soelke, Joshua Squiers, Ticer McRhea Stewart, Leslie Anne Tenpenny, Marsha Warden, Engrid Elaine Washington, Laura Waters, Shari Dawn Wherry, Caroline White, Tonia M.
Tenpenny III covers the central New Jersey region as a financial solutions adviser for the Preferred Channel at Merrill Edge, a division of Bank of America Corporation.
Archibald MacLeish, the founding curator of the Nieman program, once told me that the impact of the Nieman Fellows at Harvard was comparable to his spring ritual of hammering tenpenny nails into a board and using it to aerate the soil, which improved lawn growth.