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n. pl. tep·pan·ya·kis
1. A style of cooking in Japanese cuisine in which food, such as chopped beef, chicken, shrimp, or vegetables, is stir-fried on a griddle.
2. Food cooked in this way.

[Japanese : teppan, iron plate, griddle + yaki, verbal noun of yaku, to burn. Japanese teppan : tetsu, iron (from Old Japanese, from Middle Chinese thiat, from Old Chinese *lhît, perhaps originally meaning "black (metal)" and akin to Old Chinese *lhît, a black horse, or perhaps an East Asian areal word spreading with iron metallurgy and akin to Tibetan lčags and Thai lèk, if these are not ultimately from Old Chinese) + Japanese -pan, variant in composition of han, board, plank, from Middle Chinese pa⋮n´, from Old Chinese *prânʔ; akin to Tibetan phar, panel, small plank. Japanese yaku, from Old Japanese; akin to Okinawan (dialect of Naha) yachun.]
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granite worktop and such indulgences as a De Dietrich Teppan Yaki and induction wok hot plates and sub zero wine cooler.
The appliances include the 200 series ovens featuring a combination of Combi-steam oven, conventional oven and warming drawer; the classic 90 cm-wide 300 series oven; the AT 400 table ventilation with the cooktops of the Vario cooktops 400 series including the Teppan Yaki, as well as the Vario cooling 400 series and a dishwasher.
There's an Italian restaurant, French, Sushi, Teppan Yaki, Mexican and a steakhouse, where small cover charges apply.
There are seven restaurants to choose from ( with the Kyoshhi Teppan Yaki serving authentic Asian cuisine as a newcomer for 2005.
There are seven restaurants to choose from - with the Kyoshhi Teppan Yaki serving authentic Asian cuisine as newcomer for 2005.
Gaggenau's avant-garde Vario 400 series was said to cover all the bases: electric, gas, induction, wok, grill, Teppan Yaki, deep frying and steaming.
The seafood speciality has long been in short supply in the Balti capital with only Teppan Yaki in the Arcadian and in Brindley Place as well as Shogun in the Mailbox serving the low-fat dish.
There's a separate annexe with Japanese-style bedrooms and the Nippon Kan restaurant serving authentic Teppan Yaki food, where chefs prepare a meal in front of you.
The teams came face to face for the first time yesterday in Birmingham's Shogan Teppan Yaki restaurant where the atmosphere was considerably more cordial than it will be on the big fight night.