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n. pl. tep·pan·ya·kis
1. A style of cooking in Japanese cuisine in which food, such as chopped beef, chicken, shrimp, or vegetables, is stir-fried on a griddle.
2. Food cooked in this way.

[Japanese : teppan, iron plate, griddle + yaki, verbal noun of yaku, to burn. Japanese teppan : tetsu, iron (from Old Japanese, from Middle Chinese thiat, from Old Chinese *lhît, perhaps originally meaning "black (metal)" and akin to Old Chinese *lhît, a black horse, or perhaps an East Asian areal word spreading with iron metallurgy and akin to Tibetan lčags and Thai lèk, if these are not ultimately from Old Chinese) + Japanese -pan, variant in composition of han, board, plank, from Middle Chinese pa⋮n´, from Old Chinese *prânʔ; akin to Tibetan phar, panel, small plank. Japanese yaku, from Old Japanese; akin to Okinawan (dialect of Naha) yachun.]
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Theo Tsiolas, Operations Director, says: "The Sapporo Teppanyaki brand is all about fun and good food.
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THE beautiful new Finnieston Arc Bridge is almost close enough to the North Rotunda building for one of the Yen Teppanyaki chefs to hit it with a piece of egg fired from a spatula.
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A house speciality is the teppanyaki method of cooking.
It was in Aya Nappa that Jane first tried teppanyaki food, where the a chef cooks your meal in front of you on a hot plate built into your table, so it seemed like the right place to take her for lunch.
Japanese restaurant, Sapporo Teppanyaki in Duke Street has five variations of the award-winning spirit that is proving increasingly popular with customers.
They serve a wide range of dishes from barbecue ribs to sushi but possibly the most fun option is to sit around the teppanyaki hotplate and have a chef prepare your food in front of you.
ACTRESS and star of many a West End musicals Emma Dears celebrated her 30th birthday with a meal at the Sapporo Teppanyaki, in Liverpool, followed by drinks at Prohibition, in Bold Street.