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n. pl. te·puis
Any of numerous isolated, flat-topped mountains in the Guiana highlands of southeastern Venezuela, usually consisting of Precambrian sandstone and often towering over surrounding rainforests by up to 1,000 meters (3,280 feet).

[American Spanish, from Pemón (Cariban language of Venezuela) tëpui, second element in names of tepuis such as Auyantepui : tëk, tëpu-, stone (from Proto-Cariban tôpu-) + -i, suff. added to a noun indicating its possession by a possessor (from Proto-Cariban -rï).]
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En la decada de 1990, no menos de 10 distribuidores adicionales de la region ingresaron al mercado internacional, con companias como Coral (RCTV), Telefe, Artear, Tepuy y Television Latina (de Venevision).
EVP/COO for Tepuy International, now Telemundo International.
Transicion bosque inundable-Bosque Tepuy. 0[grados]10'55"N, 72[grados]36'3"W.
"Upon joining Telemundo, we were at a 2.1 rating in (Hispanic) adults 18-49, and in only six months after collaborating our efforts, we were able to obtain a 3.8 rating in March (week-day primetime)," says Santana, who also heads Tepuy, distrib of Telemundo's and other product.
De acuerdo a la leyenda, el tronco del Wadakayek puede aun ser visto en forma de uno de los tepuy: Wadakapiapu.
29 The early morning light on the Kukenan Tepuy in southeastern Bolivar State (Venezuela).