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Noun1.Terebellidae - marine burrowing or tube-forming polychete worms usually having long thick bodies
worm family - a family of worms
class Polychaeta, Polychaeta - marine annelid worms
genus Terebella, Terebella - type genus of Terebellidae; tube-forming marine polychete worms with many filamentous tentacles
genus Polycirrus, Polycirrus - genus of soft-bodied polychete marine worms
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Other annelids also presented more than one family of oxygen-binding protein: for example, some species of Terebellidae, Opheliidae, and Sipuncula (Bailly et al., 2008; Liu et al., 2013).
X Typosyllis alternata X Typosyllis heterochaeta X Typosyllis fasciata X Typosyllis variegata X Terebellidae Eupolymnia heterobranchia X Pista brevibranchiata X Polycirrus sp.
TEREBELLIDAE Pista pacifica Thelepus cincinnatus Thelepus crispus TROCHOCHAETIDAE Trochochaeta multisetosa ARTHROPODA, PY CNOGONIDA PHOXICHILIDIIDAE Phoxichilidium femoratum AMMOTHEIDAE Achelia alaskensis ARTHROPODA, OSTRACODA PHILOMEDIDAE Euphilomedes sp.
Identified polychaetes included representatives from 20 different families, primarily Ampharetidae, Glyceridae, Nephtydae, Onuphidae, Opheliidae, and Terebellidae. Decapod crustaceans composed 33% of the composition by weight of the southern kingfish diet.
0-25 SDF S T Trochochaeta orissae 0-25 SDF S T Phyllochaetopterus 25-100 SDF D T socialis Sternaspis scutata 25-525 SSDF S B Sabellidae 25-16,925 FF D T Terebellidae 25-1,125 SDF D T Terebellides sp.
On the other hand, Terebellidae, Opheliidae, and Hesionidae presented significant differences between control and impacted areas before fishing (Fig.
Linero-Arana I (2000) Poliquetos asociados a substratos artificiales sumergidos en la costa nororiental de Venezuela I: Terebellidae. Bol.
johanni, and Macoma calcarea; gastropods such as Cylichna alba; polychaetes such as Sternaspia scutata, and Scalibregma sp.; Nephtydae; Terebellidae; amphipods; and ophiuroids.
Family Terebellidae Johnston, 1846 Amphitritides bruneocomata (Ehlers, 1887) Eupolymnia magnifica (Webster, 1884) Eupolymnia rullieri Londono-Mesa, 2009 Lanicola carus (Young & Kritzler, 1987) Loimia minuta Treadwell, 1929 Pista palmata (Verrill, 1873) Streblosoma hartmanae Kritzler, 1971
As capitellids, echiurids, and opheliids are apparently closely related to each other (along with some taxa that do not include any species with feeding larvae, e.g., Arenicolidae, Maldanidae, and Terebellidae) and share the unusual ability to capture large particles, it seems plausible that the most recent common ancestor of all three taxa had planktotrophic larvae that fed using the same mechanism(s) used by U.