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Noun1.Teredinidae - shipworms
mollusk family - a family of mollusks
genus Teredo - type genus of the family Teredinidae
shipworm, teredinid - wormlike marine bivalve that bores into wooden piers and ships by means of drill-like shells
Bankia, genus Bankia - giant shipworms
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Kuphus polythalamius is the largest and among the most atypical members of the Teredinidae (Huber, 2015).
Coexistence of multiple Proleobacteria endosymbionts in the gills of the wood-boring bivalve Lyrodus pedicellatus (Bivalvia: Teredinidae).
Shipworms are molluscan bivalves--close relatives of mussels and clams, in the family Teredinidae. Although they superficially resemble worms, they also possess a shelled clam-like front, which assists in their drilling of wood.
The main marine borer hazards at Bundaberg were from the molluscans Martesia and Teredinidae. The crustaceans Limnoria and Sphaeroma were rarely found, and of minor importance.
Biologia y ecologia de los moluscos bivalvos perforadores de madera (Pholadacea: Teredinidae) presentes en el manglar Ana Maria Campos, Bahia de Tablazo, Estado Zulia.
Marine shipworms, notorious for boring into wooden hulls and pilings, are mollusks in the family Teredinidae. The shipworms grow out of their bivalve shells to lengths up to 6 feet.
Dispersal of phytoplanktotropic shipworm larvae (Bivalvia: Teredinidae) over long distances by ocean currents.
The principal marine wood boring animals in Los Angeles Harbor belong to the isopod genus Limnoria and to the bivalve shipworm family Teredinidae. Four species have been reported from Los Angeles harbor: Limnoria tripunctata, L.