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n.1.(Zool.) A small yellow singing bird, with an ash-colored head; the European siskin. Called also tarin.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Garcia's wife Rosalinda, their children Christine Joyce and Joseph Nicholasand Julieto Terin were taken into police custody.
This dispatcher clearly understands that it may not be an emergency to us, but it is to somebody,' wrote one Terin Hopkins (@thop264) on Jan.
Kirsal alana yonelik yapilan bircok arastirmada da bu calismanin sonucuna benzer olarak, kadinlarin hayvancilik faaliyetlerinin her asamasina erkeklere nazaran daha fazla katildiklari, egitim ve yayim hizmetlerinden erkekler kadar yararlanamadiklari ifade edilmistir (Kutlar ve ark., 2014; Ozcatalbas, 2001; Sahin ve Terin, 2009).
The remaining four places will be chosen by the Olympic Selection Committee, which comprises of national team coordinator Martha Karolyi, director of elite programs Steve Rybacki and athlete representative Terin Humphrey.
Terin and Elvan in 2009 investigated from their studies that intermolecular interactions were formed between the SF/CHI blends, which were depicted by the disappearance of C=O amide group observed at spectral peak at 1628 cm1 as compared to neat chitosan [25].
CAST: Lukas Ionesco, Diane Rouxel, Theo Cholbi, Hugo Behar-Thinieres, Rayan Ben Yaiche, Adrien Binh Doan, Maxime Terin, Valentin Charles, Niseema, Dominique Frot, Philippe Rigot
Sanoj hit a quick-fire 17 runs, while Terin picked up two wickets for seven runs.
My thanks to Mary McCormick, Grayson McCouch, Jeffrey Schoenblum, and Kip Viscusi for their helpful comments, and to Michelle Adams, Terin Barbas, Katie Crandall, Glenn Lovett, Jason Rudderman, Sarah Morgan, and William Winter for their assistance with the empirical components of this Article.
Yn y rhaglen gyntaf mi fydd Bryn yn coginio tair rysait hefo cig hela - cig carw puprog hefo bresych Savoy a seleriac, terin cig hela gyda siytni gellyg, a cholomen wyllt.
Terin Swift, 25, of 3 Wall St., Worcester, charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (motor vehicle door jamb,) continued to April 13 on $500 cash bail.