Term policy

1.A policy of term insurance.
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Global Banking News-November 21, 2017--Australian central bank sees no need for near term policy move
Among the newest options are exchangeable term policies, which allow policyholders to exchange their term policy for another type of permanent policy that has more flexibility - such as a fixed index universal life (FIUL) insurance policy -- but may be too expensive for a younger client on a limited budget.
Summary: The IMF has also called for coordinated fiscal efforts within in medium term policy framework
Go from a 20-year term policy to a UL policy and save money.
Add to the existing license term policy the consideration of measures implemented under the prior license;
Addressing a press conference here at APTMA House, he said a long term policy for the revival of textile industry, which was considered to be an engine for growth and employment, needed.
The Council members reviewed the long term policy for citizens' housing, as well as the policy for regulating Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) to the emirate.
The cost of a term policy is far lower than that of a permanent policy, all else being equal.
Millions of Americans, therefore, are potential candidates for the type of protection provided by a term policy coupled with a well-structured accelerated death benefit rider.
He adds, "It normally comes down to 5-7 companies, depending on the person's age, length of term policy and amount of coverage requested.
It will also create a un-level playing field and any short term policy shift is not advisable.
Another option that is becoming more prominent during the recession is the option to convert a level term policy to whole life.