terminal moraine

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ter′minal moraine′

a moraine marking the farthest advance of a glacier or ice sheet.
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They learn about the tundra, about terminal moraines, and eskars (underground rivers that form terminal moraine-like structures), about flora and fauna, about the Athabascan people who hunt and gather there, about poachers and the history of the area.
Magnificently showcasing the effects of continental glaciation (in some places the flow of glacial ice was as much as two miles deep) created a variety of geologic features including kames, kettles, drumlins, ice-walled-lake plans, eskers, tunnel channels, basalt bluffs, dells, and rock-strewn terminal moraines.
First, Wegener's famous map showing the supposed arrangement of land during the geologically recent Pleistocene where the outer terminal moraines of the ice sheets in Europe and North America 'join up smoothly' was patently incorrect and quickly rejected.