terminal moraine

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ter′minal moraine′

a moraine marking the farthest advance of a glacier or ice sheet.
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The scenic drive traverses six Wisconsin counties and includes much of the terminal moraine (where the last great glacier stopped 12,000 years ago) in south-central Wisconsin.
The slow push to outer Wisconsin terminal moraine in Ohio correlates best by [C.sup.14] with either Bloomington Moraine (late Tazewell) or earliest Gary, depending upon a precision which the [C.sup.14] dates do not afford.
The retreat of the continental ice sheet that once lay 1000 feet thick upon Manhattan resulted in the deposition of a terminal moraine and the formation of the outwash plain below it, creating the landmass that would eventually become the vast bulk of Brooklyn, Queens, and parts of Staten Island.
Long Island, Block Island, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and much of the Cape are remnants of the terminal moraine, where the vast ice sheet finally stalled and dropped its immense load of sand.
Ring series from white spruce trees, Picea glauca (Moench) Voss, that had been sheared, tilted, and killed by deposition of till at the glacier's terminal moraine were cross-dated with a millennium-length ring-width chronology developed at a site near the south end of Kluane Lake, about 25 km north of the glacier forefield.
Specific topics include strike-slip fault, terminal moraine, tsunami, weathering, Yellowstone National Park, mass wasting, Kaapvaal craton, ichnofossils, greenstone belts, geodesy, El Nino, desalination, carbon cycle, and aa lava.
Except for the Terminal Moraine boulders of the area's natural hills and valleys, the Park is completely manmade.
At that point, one felt in the presence of a melancholy bowerbird, wandering around in the terminal moraine of globalism, picking up shards and transforming them through skillful arrangement and an erotically charged grace under pressure into active, still-significant things.
The watershed lies within the Calumet lacustrine plain, or lake plain, which extends from the shore of modern-day Lake Michigan to the Valparaiso terminal moraine. After the Wisconsin glaciation, the Lake Michigan lobe of the Laurentian ice sheet began to retreat, and the Valparaiso terminal moraine marks the point of the ice sheet's furthest southward advance before receding.
For example, Dane County, WI where these programs were developed contains five distinct physiographic regions--outwash and river plains, ground moraine, drumlin fields, terminal moraine, and unglaciated ridges and valleys, ranging from flat to steep.